Solution Architecture

Digital Transformation

is a technology-driven business strategy enables firms to gain or expand their competitive differentiation by embracing data-driven decision-making processes, weather for increasing operational efficiencies, developing new products and services, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, or getting a better intelligence on the market.Employing Enterprise Architecture practices leads the organizations to accelerate their DX initiatives in a business and opex-friendly fashion.

Business Transformation Readiness Assessment

Capability Maturity Modeling (CMM)

improves processes within the organization, by conducting surveys and field analysis based on scientific researches by identifying change attributes and factors to identify and define the maturity levels and describe them based on CMMI model to assess the organization maturity level.

The maturity model helps organizations where they are today, where they should go in the future and the value of doing so, and how to get there.

CMMI is the framework we use to conduct Business Transformation Readiness Assessment.

Technical Domain Architecture

  • Integration Architecture
  • JEE Architecture
  • .NET Architecture
  • SOA Architecture
  • AWS Architecture
  • Azure Architecture
  • Systems Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • Technology Architecture